Welcome to Department of Public Health Engineering

The Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE) is the national lead agency for provision of drinking water supply and waste management in the country excepting Dhaka, Narayanganj and Chittagong cities where WASAs operate.

With the challenges generate by the discovery of arsenic in incremental areas since its first detection in 1993, DPHE with its development partners is trying to ameliorate the sufferings caused by the lack of safe water. Alternative options for safe water supply are being catered in worse affected areas.

Similarly for excreta and other waste management DPHE is implementing different projects to achieve an improvement environment.

DPHE was established in 1936.

Mandate of DPHE

  • DPHE is responsible exclusive for water supply and sanitation facilities throughout the country excluding Dhaka & Chittagong cities and Narayanganj and Kadamrasul Pourashavas where WASAs operate.
  • Provide advisory service to GoB in framing policy and action plans for WSS
  • Provide support to the local government institutions (LGIs) in the development and O&M of the water & sanitation facilities.


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