Annual Development Program (ADP) 2008-2009

Foreign Aided Projects

Sl. No. Name of the Project ADP allocation (in Lac Taka)
1. IDB Assisted Water supply facilities in the Coastal belt of Bangladesh (2nd Phase) 1012.00
2. Bangladesh Water supply Program Project 4350.00
3. Sanitation, Hygiene and Water Supply Project (GOB-UNICEF) 11000.00
4. Water Supply and Sanitation in Coastal Belt Project (GOB-DANIDA) 5000.00
5. Secondary Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (GOB-ADB) 3006.00
 6.Rural Water Supply in South Western part of Bangladesh152.00
 7.Groundwater Management and TPP for Survey, Investigation and Feasibility study in Upazila and Growth Center Level Pourashava having no Piped Water Supply System 1000.00
8 Bangladesh Environmental Technology Verification-Support to Arsenic Mitigation (BETV-SAM) 1721.00
9. Establishment of Sector Dvelopment Programme Management Unit ( SDPMU) in DPHE 1.00
10. Char Development and Settlement Project-III (CDSP-III) DPHE Part 209.00


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