Apr-Oct 2015
  • Project Outline
  • Kick Off Meeting
  • Joint Coordination Committee Meeting
  • Project Opening Seminar
  • Baseline Assessment Activity
  • Technical Working Group
 Apr-Jun 2013  
  • Orientation Programme of 37 District Town Water Supply Project
  • In-house training at DPHE
  • Training of DPHE officials abroad
  • Workshop on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction and climate change Risk Management in Public Health Sector
  • Sanitation in Progress: A compiled Analysis
  • ADB Assisted Secondary Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector (GOB-ADB) Project
  • Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage Project in Sylhet and Barisal city
Apr-Jun 2002
  • District Level Briefing on Arsenic Mitigation
  • Gender Issue in DPHE-DANIDA Programme
  • Demand for WSS Services Enhanced
  • 23-Town Water Supply Project Ends
  • 9 District Town Wate Supply Project Shows New Approaches
  • Rajshahi City Water Supply Project for Improved Life
  • DPHE-DANIDA Supplies Safe Water to Coastal Poor
  • DPHE-UNICEF Regional Arsenic Roundtable
  • Testing of Production Wells for Arsenic
  • TOT Courses for UZ level DPHE & DPE Officials
  • Gopalganj Water Supply Project Moving Fast
  • DPHE-UNICEF Environmental Sanitation, Hygieneand
  • Water Supply Project in Rural Areas of Bangladesh
  • BAMWSP Office Relocated
  • Staff Welfare Activity
Jan-Mar 2002
  • Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation Water Supply Project (BAMWSP), In quest of Safe Drinking Water
  • Gross Imbalance in Water Supply and Sanitation Coverages
  • District Level Briefing on Community Based Arsenic Mitigation Action Research in 15 Upazilas
  • World Water Day Seminar
  • Local Consultative Group (LCG) meeting
  • National Workshop on Rainwater Harvesting
  • Final Report on the Integrated Coastal Zone Management
  • Agreement between GOD and GOB for Urban Water Supply & Sanitation (Phase-III) in the 5 Coastal Districts
  • Launching of DFID supported Environmental Sanitation, Hygiene and safe Water Supply in Rural Areas Project
  • Revolving Fund- A Support to Urban Poor for …..
  • Workshop on "Strategic Planning for Healthy Cities/Towns Programme"
Oct-Dec 2001
  • Action Research in Community Based Arsenic Mitigation in 15 Upazilas
  • DPHE-Danida Collaboration in Urban Water Supply and Sanitation
  • A Story of Realizing a Basic Need for the People of Faridpur Pourashava
  • Action Research for Development Of Sustainable WSS programme
  • National Seminar On Development Of Healthy Settings In Bangladesh
  • Community Based Arsenic Removal Treatment Plant in Bera Upazila
  • Arsenic Mitigation by Different Agencies in 268 Upazilas
  • Local Area Network (LAN) & IT Activities of Computer Division
  • Training/Workshop
  • List of Ongoing Projects
  • Understanding the Department of Public Health Engineering
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