Special Rural water supply project 

1Project Title  Special Rural Water Supply Project  
2.a)Sponsoring Ministry/Division:Local Govt., Rural Development & Co operatives/Local Govt. Division
b)Executive Agency:Department of Public Health Engineering
3.Objectives of the Project:i) To reduce the incidence of water borne & water related diseases by supplying safe water to rural population.
  ii) To increase the coverage of safe water supply services. 
  iii) To retain water supply facilities in rural areas during & after natural calamities.
4.Project Period: July 2010- June 2017
5.Cost of the Project:GOB: 7371.262, PA:  0.00 & RPA: 0.00 million taka
6.Project Location:All over the country.
7.Main Components:Rain Water Harvesting, Pond Sand Filter,Deep Tube Well with no 6 shallow tube well, Tara Dev Shallow Tube well,  SST/VSST, Dug well with sand filter, Community bases Arsenic ,Iron removal plant
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