Personal Management Information System



Office Order from CE :

Click here for download CE order for PMIS Form fillup 

Instruction for filling up the PMIS form :

1) Use “Google Chrome” browser for better view.

2) If you do not have “Google Chrome” browser then download from the link:

3) Open the form and fill up the mandatory fields. If you have any query or

    confusion please fill up the following table and send to MIS unit via

    email. The maximum response time will be 24 hrs.

    (email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )

4) Once you start filling up the form it is not possible to save and restart later. That’s why, please gather the following information and start the application.

       i) Information of joining (Date, Place, post of joining etc.)

      ii) Last promotion related information (Date of G.O., Date of joining, rank          etc.)

       iii) Information about last posting

       iv) National Identification Number/Birth Certificate Number, Passport

            Number (If any), Blood Group etc

Download PMIS form for keeping record :

   Click here for PMIS data entry form

PMIS data Entry :

   Click here for PMIS data entry

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