National Sanitation Project (3rd Phase)

1 Project Title :

National Sanitation Project (3rd Phase)

2 a)Sponsoring Ministry/Division :

Local Govt., Rural Development & Co operatives/Local Govt. Division

  b)Executive Agency : Department of Public Health Engineering
  3           Objectives of the Project           : i) To provide sanitary latrine with water supply for Extremely Hard to Reach (HR) area and Hard Core poor people; 
  ii) Develop suitable technological options for sustainable sanitation in hard to reach areas i.e. haor areas, coastal areas, drought prone areas, Hill Track areas etc; Ensure sustainable environment by providing sanitation facilities to the communities by installing community latrine and make them operational by the Upazila parisad and Union parisad; 
  iii) Increase awareness level of the people through practices; 
  iv) Meet the challenges of post MDG’s targets of the country; 
  v) Make successful sanitation campaign for all by several activities through national sanitation months; 
  vi) To cover sanitation for all with sustainability for future generations by imposing importance on clear environment.
4 Project Period : March 2016 to June 2019
5 Cost of the Project : GOB: 1499.552 million taka
6 Project Location :  Urban & rural areas of Bangladesh.
7 Main Components :  Social Mobilization & awarness campaign on hygiene promotion, Training, workshops, seminers on sanitation & hygiene, Feasibility Study and Design for improved Latrine in Extremely Hard To Reach Areas, Construction of Improved latrine   for hard core poor people of Hard to Reach areas , Construction of toilets for community people with water supply system in different growth centers/bazars/ pourashavas / urban slums/institutions etc. , Construction of public toilets, Low cost sanitary latrine sets by departmental labour /mason: RCC slab with plastic pan & 3 rings, Construction of Eco-San Toilet.
8 Project Director's Name & Address :

 Md. Abdul Monnaf, DPHE, Dhaka.



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