Water Preservation and Safe Water Supply Project through Re-excavation/Maintenance of Ponds/Dighi/Ditches Owned by Zila Parishads

1 Project Title :

Water Preservation and Safe Water Supply Project through Re-excavation/ Maintenance of Ponds/ Dighi/Ditches Owned by Zila Parishads

2 a)Sponsoring Ministry/Division :

Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Co operatives/ Local Government Division

  b)Executive Agency : Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE)
3 Objectives of the Project : i) Development of sustainable, green and climate resilent environment through re-excavation and maintenance of ponds/water bodies owned by zila parishads.
      ii) Preservation of rainwater in rural areas.
      iii) Increasing use of surface water through reducing the trend of ground water use.
      iv) Increasing ground water table through protecting its depletion.
      v) Increasing the rural water coverage.
4 Project Period : September 2016 to June 2019
5 Cost of the Project : GOB: 3745.07 million taka
6 Project Location : 42 districts of Bangladesh
7 Main Components :

Pond Re-excavation, Construction of PSF/PST, Construction of Solar PSF for Coastal Areas

8 Project Director's Name & Address :




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