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 Nov 2014

 Enhancing Promotion of Sanitation in Difficult Areas of Bangladesh: Adopting Ecological Approaches

Nov 2008


"Union Wise Water Technology Mapping – [Dhaka Circle]"

    1.0 Background
    2.0 Objective
    3.0 Project Area
    4.0 Adopted Procedure
    5.0 Issue of Water Source
    6.0 Arsenic Mitigation
    7.0 Low Water Table Technology
    8.0 Salinity Problem
    9.0 Iron Removal Technology
    10.0 Union Wise Technology
Apr-Jun 2002
  • District Level Briefing on Arsenic Mitigation
  • Gender Issue in DPHE-DANIDA Programme
  • Demand for WSS Services Enhanced
  • 23-Town Water Supply Project Ends
  • 9 District Town Wate Supply Project Shows New Approaches
  • Rajshahi City Water Supply Project for Improved Life
  • DPHE-DANIDA Supplies Safe Water to Coastal Poor
  • DPHE-UNICEF Regional Arsenic Roundtable
  • Testing of Production Wells for Arsenic
  • TOT Courses for UZ level DPHE & DPE Officials
  • Gopalganj Water Supply Project Moving Fast
  • DPHE-UNICEF Environmental Sanitation, Hygieneand
  • Water Supply Project in Rural Areas of Bangladesh
  • BAMWSP Office Relocated
  • Staff Welfare Activity
Jan-Mar 2002
  • Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation Water Supply Project (BAMWSP), In quest of Safe Drinking Water
  • Gross Imbalance in Water Supply and Sanitation Coverages
  • District Level Briefing on Community Based Arsenic Mitigation Action Research in 15 Upazilas
  • World Water Day Seminar
  • Local Consultative Group (LCG) meeting
  • National Workshop on Rainwater Harvesting
  • Final Report on the Integrated Coastal Zone Management
  • Agreement between GOD and GOB for Urban Water Supply & Sanitation (Phase-III) in the 5 Coastal Districts
  • Launching of DFID supported Environmental Sanitation, Hygiene and safe Water Supply in Rural Areas Project
  • Revolving Fund- A Support to Urban Poor for …..
  • Workshop on "Strategic Planning for Healthy Cities/Towns Programme"
Oct-Dec 2001
  • Action Research in Community Based Arsenic Mitigation in 15 Upazilas
  • DPHE-Danida Collaboration in Urban Water Supply and Sanitation
  • A Story of Realizing a Basic Need for the People of Faridpur Pourashava
  • Action Research for Development Of Sustainable WSS programme
  • National Seminar On Development Of Healthy Settings In Bangladesh
  • Community Based Arsenic Removal Treatment Plant in Bera Upazila
  • Arsenic Mitigation by Different Agencies in 268 Upazilas
  • Local Area Network (LAN) & IT Activities of Computer Division
  • Training/Workshop
  • List of Ongoing Projects
  • Understanding the Department of Public Health Engineering
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