Functions of DPHE

  1. Except Dhaka and Chittagong city areas and Narayanganj town, DPHE is responsible for the Water Supply and Sanitation (Human excreta & sullage disposal, drainage and solid waste management) of the whole country, both in rural and urban (City Corporation, Pourashava, Upazila HQs and growth centers) areas.
  2. In Urban areas the DPHE solely or jointly with the pourashava be responsible for Water Supply & Sanitation services. Also DPHE is responsible for assisting the Pourashavas and City Corporations through infrastructure development and technical assistance.
  3. Assist Local Government Institutions (City Corporations, Pourashavas, Union Parishads etc) in the Operation & Maintenance of the Water Supply & Sanitation infrastructure & services including technical assistance.
  4. Ensure supply of adequate number of trained & skilled manpower in the Water Supply & Sanitation sector through HRD of the sector personnel & institutions for proper and sustainable management of infrastructure and services.
  5. Strengthen water testing facilities through establishment of laboratories at different levels in order to institutionalize Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance program throughout the country both in rural and urban areas to ensure safe water for the people.
  6. Carryout Hydro-geological investigations in search of safe source (both surface & ground) of water supply.
  7. Social Mobilization for Awareness raising towards proper management of water supply & sanitation infrastructure and promotion of personal hygiene practices.
  8. Develop safe water supply technologies in the Arsenic affected and other hydro-geologically difficult areas (Saline belt, stone problem areas, hilly regions and areas likely to be affected by other micro-pollutants).
  9. Research and Development activities in search of appropriate and affordable options including the indigenous ones of water supply and sanitation in the country.
  10. Ensure water supply and sanitation services/ facilities during and after the natural disasters/ calamities.
  11. Establish National Water Supply & Sanitation Information Center as a center of excellence for sectoral information management.
  12. Capacity building of the community, LGIs, private entrepreneurs and NGOs with technical know-how, information, training etc. in terms of water supply and sanitation.
  13. Monitoring and coordination of activities of the stakeholders including NGOs & private operators working in the Water Supply and Sanitation sector.
  14. Overall management of the Water Supply & Sanitation Sector Development Programme.
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